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Coming Soon

Sorry for not making any updates or projects for the past few months. I will be back soon... Posted November 27, 2022 by brody

Goodbye Static!

As you guys may know, I have been a big fan of static websites. Posted July 13, 2022 by brody

Multiplayer Games

For a long time, I have wanted to create a Multiplayer game. All of my past games that I made... Posted June 11, 2022 by brody

Color Changes

I recently did some maintence on this website. Every few weeks I randomly get the urge to change things up, and this time is what the color scheme. Posted June 2, 2022 by brody

Remaking bkjs

If you have visited my website in the last 4 months, you may notice this webstie looks different now. Posted May 8, 2022 by brody

Newtab Search

I changed the newtab pages to have a search box. Before I tried this but I was lazy and was using the default google custom search engine or whatever. Posted April 13, 2022 by brody

Pages Intro

/pages/ is a new directory where all old one-off pages will be stored. All pages except for /homepage/. Posted March 25, 2022 by brody

Archive Removal

If you look at the blog page, You may notice that the last post was me talking about how the archive servers should be back for good and were working. Posted March 20, 2022 by brody

Archive Update

Recently, the site went offline from the internet. Not in the way you would think though... Posted March 8, 2022 by brody

Website Revamp

I decided to change up the website for multiple reasons. The first being the fact that the old one was very broing. Posted March 8, 2022 by brody