Archive Removal

Posted March 20, 2022 by brody

If you look at the blog page, You may notice that the last post was me talking about how the archive servers should be back for good and were working. Well, they are not anymore. The reason boils down to the bandwith issue. Too much of my bandwith was being used on the archive servers and I was not really interested in it anymore to be honest. I removed the project page a few hours ago, so there will be no more confusion as of where it went.

New Stuff

I added a new directory to the site. /projects/. It works similar to how /blog/ works where it just brings you to a page that lists all blog posts. Then all blog posts are stored inside of that page. So now, kimmu's project page is /projects/kimmu/. This should make orginization less weird and less cluttered from my perspective. The reason alot of my past sites failed was because they became unorginized and I just got overwhelmed with how the site functioned in the backend.

I also created a new page called newtab. It is stored at /newtab/. It is a small little page that has a bunch of websites I use often, alongside a clock and a welcome message. I think it shorten the amount of time it takes me to write out a url for a page. Now everytime I make a new tab, that page shows up.