Goodbye Static!

Posted July 13, 2022 by brody

As you guys may know, I have been a big fan of static websites. Using only HTML, CSS, and JS was the best way to make a website, or so I thought. Recently I actually found time to sit down and learn PHP. It has changed the way I think of websites dramatically. The site you are looking at right now is using PHP and a databaste to hold all the content. The upsides to this? There are so many I am going to make a list!

  1. Better looking URL's
  2. Easier to manage
  3. Makes the site more versitile and adds more future functionality.

I know there is going to be that one person that is going to tell me that static sites are better because they take less time to load and are smaller but I dont really care. This site I have made in PHP looks inifinitly better than what I could have made in HTML and having a database store my stuff makes it easier to keep clean and not get bloated.

The site changes

So what have you changed with this new site? Here is a list!

  1. Better colors/theme.
  2. Removed individual project pages because they were useless
  3. Improved layout for projects, blog list, and blog posts.
  4. Removal of obsolete pages like newtab.
  5. Custom 404 page.
  6. Alot of file heigharchy changes.

The Downsides

The annoying downsides are that I now have to pay for dedicated hosting. This is very annoying but its okay for now. I am just gonna use Namecheap because it is only like $2 a month and I already buy my domains through them.

I will try to get this up onto github in the following days but that is a lil difficult because of the fact that I have to create a new branch and then delete everything in it ;-;