Multiplayer Games

Posted June 11, 2022 by brody

For a long time, I have wanted to create a Multiplayer game. All of my past games that I made for pyronode have been singleplayer only. This made the games less fun and made people click off of them faster. I refuesed to make Multiplayer games because the documentation for it was confusing and I did not wanna put in the effort. Recently though, I tried again. Here is my experience creating a multiplayer game.

Reading Documentation

I know nothing about multiplayer games and how they work behind the scenes. The first thing I did was lookup youtube tutorials, which there were none for. The seconed thing I did was to go onto the Costruct website. This led me to a page about how to setup the plugin and tutorials for using the plugin. The only issue was that alot of the links were borken.

Construct used to be hosted at Recently, they moved all the content to I would not care at all if all links using that old domain would redirect to the new links. But no. If I went to a specific page that was on the old site, it would just redirect me to the homepage of the new one. Alot of the time I spent learning about multiplayer, I was in the forums. And alot of the time, they would link differnet pages on the site. And ALL OF THEM WERE BROKEN! This is a clear oversight by the Construct Team and is another reason I should just learn a real engine...

I read about 3 of the tutorials before starting on my own trying to create a game. It was really hard but here is what I figured out.

My Game

Here is how the game would work. When you started the game, everyone was asked for a username and a game room. When they connected, the first person that joined would become the host. There are no external servers for hosting the game. The only time you call another server, it to connect to the signalling server. This is so that you can join other people without having to type in individual IP addresses. When you joined the game, you can select 3 different color options. Once one was picked by someone else, nobody can pick it. No one can move until the host starts the game.

Once the host starts the game, everyone can move. Each time a key is pressed, it sends the server a movment message. When the host recieves it, the host will relay it to everyone again, moving the player. This makes the game take about 200ms of delay for basic movment. This is bad practice but I dont gaf because no one is playing my game anyways. When I tested it, it wasnt laggy at all. But the only reason it was like that was because it was on my local network.

So what was this all for?

Well initally I was going to make a new game. But today I woke up and checked on the game and the file was not there. Then I realized I forgot to save the game. So yeah, like 3 days of work is gone. Thats okay though because I was loosing interest in the project either way. Maybe later on in life I will restart and make a good game that is also multiplayer. But for now, I'm done learning about it.

Anyways, that is all for now. See you in 2 months when I make some stupid change to the site.