Pages Intro

Posted March 25, 2022 by brody

/pages/ is a new directory where all old one-off pages will be stored. All pages except for /homepage/. I'm going to keep /homepage/ in the main directory because some people might have it bookmarked and I dont feel like changing it. Here is a list of everything I have moved their.

/contact/ ===> /pages/contact/
/newtab/ ===> /pages/newtab/
/deprecated/ ===> /pages/deprecated/

I hope the new change makes the site easier to navigate if you type in manual URL's. You can also see all of the pages at the /pages/ URL. This page also shows when the last time the page was updated, somthing previously not shown.

Displayed URL Change

I changed the way that URLs look on pages like /projects/ or /pages/. Instead of it saying somthing like /kimmu/ it now says /projects/kimmu/. Before the naming system didnt make any sense and I wanted to make the slashes do somthing.

Thats all for now. Expect a new blog post in a few days about another OCD site restructure :) byeeeee