Remaking bkjs

Posted May 8, 2022 by brody

If you have visited my website in the last 4 months, you may notice this webstie looks different now. Thats because I re-designed it from the ground up. Before I had stole the CSS from, because I am very lazy. But because I was bored and wanted to work on my website, decided to re-design it.

The differences

First off, lets talk about the differences. Here is a list of all of them.

I moved /homepage/ to just be in the main directory because of the fact that I didnt like how it looked in the URL bar.

You may not care about any of this, because all of the content is still here. But I am very happy this happend. The old layout was cluttered and hard to navigate.

The similarities

There are a few similarities with this new website that I will cover below.

Recreating the grid blocks was a very annoying proccess. I am not very good at CSS so I learned alot from this. I think I did a good job.

Mobile issues

This webstie has issues rendering on mobile phones so I would just avoid it for now. Stuff dosent always scale right and If you are going to use a phone, I recommend zooming in to read text.

Can I still use the old version of the site?

You can view how the website looked before the switch. But there is no setting that allows you can not view it with new content. To see it, look at the old branch of this site on github.